Ambassador Application - CAHSAH • CHAPCA Annual Conference & Expo

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CAHSAH and CHAPCA are looking for individuals to join us as an Ambassador at the 2018 CAHSAH CHAPCA Annual Conference & Expo. Ambassadors will provide assistance throughout conference by volunteering as a Session Monitor, or as a Location Specialist. Please see below for the schedule and time slots available.

For dedicating time and effort as an Ambassador, CAHSAH is offering the following rebates* to Ambassadors based on their contributing hours:

2 Sessions: 10% off Full Conference Registration Rate*
4 Sessions: 20% off Full Conference Registration Rate*
6 Sessions: 30% off Full Conference Registration Rate*

*A minimum of two (2) Ambassador time slots must be contributed to be eligible for a rebate. Time slots accumulated are per person and cannot be combined for a discount. Rebates will be issued post-conference. Full conference registration fees must be paid in advance.
Location Specialists