Convey commitment to build home care community, to create an environment to protect patient, their families and our members, and to raise the standard of acceptable care and best practices.


  • Develop a business plan and marketing program. CAHSAH is available to coach and mentor you through this process as part of our educational programs.
  • Build referral sources
    • Listing on CAHSAH’s online directory – a referral tool for members, consumers, discharge planners and the entire continuum of care community.
    • Access online or by mobile device.
    • Networking - educational events, committees, ListServ, town hall meetings
  • Stay informed
    • Monthly bulletin filled with home care articles, statistics, facts
    • Weekly News Update
    • E-Alerts with late breaking information and calls to action
    • Promotion of standards of acceptable care and best practices


    • Lower employee turnover rate by making a sound investment in employee training: A trained employee is a satisfied employee. CAHSAH offers both general and topic specific educational programs, online and onsite.
    • Purchase home care products and services at discounted prices through negotiated CAHSAH contracts.
    • Minimize research time; utilize CAHSAH staff and resources. If we don’t know the answer, we will find out.


    Influence is achieved in one of two ways – human resources and/or financial resources. The level of involvement comes in many forms – your choice:

    • Grassroots efforts – CAHSAH will coach you, provide action letter templates, outline talking points
    • Committee and task force participation, hosting events, writing articles, etc.
    • Sponsor and participate in dinners with legislators

    CAHSAH has a contract lobbyist, meets with regulatory agencies, has staff representation at the federal and state levels, and actively monitors business and home care legislation. Each year CAHSAH screens over 300 bills, monitors 50 bills and is actively engaged in 15 bills.


    Participation and Engagement
    It’s up to you – your choice to determine what best fits your needs and schedule while obtaining the desired outcome. Here are some ideas:

    • Pair up with or be a ‘mentor’ to a new member
    • Host a new member table at a conference luncheon
    • Meet and greet at various CAHSAH sponsored events
    • Represent CAHSAH at Regional Council meetings
    • Prepare a handwritten note to a potential or new member
    • Video your member testimonial
    • Write/edit an informational/educational/clinical article for the Bulletin
    • Be a roundtable facilitator, panelist or presenter
    • Recruit, host under-represented groups

    Participation and Engagement

    • Gain unique perspective
    • Learn from experience of others

    Yes, it costs to join CAHSAH, but can you think of anything else which contributes to your success as an individual and as an agency that doesn't require a similar investment?

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