Leadership Meets Legal



Leadership Topics
Good leadership can be described as the ability by which an individual is able to inspire, motivate and guide a team of individuals to willingly take action and achieve extraordinary results. There is a distinct difference between management and leadership. You manage things (cash flow, schedules and systems) but for high-performance teamwork you have to lead and synergize a team. A successful executive is one who has mastered both management and leadership abilities.

Management Teams Will Learn:
  • How to enhance interpersonal communication and leadership ability;
  • How to motivate, mentor, and discipline;
  • How to engage and direct a team;
  • How to create consistency of performance;
  • How to build a high-performance team; and
  • How to become a powerful coach.
After successfully completing this workshop participants should be able to:
  • Motivate, mentor, and discipline their staff;
  • Enhance interpersonal communication and leadership ability;
  • Create consistency of performance.
Legal Topics
Liz's portion of the day will be a more in-depth version of what she presented at the 2023 Conference, but more: this presentation will include the most recent groundbreaking decision from the California Supreme Court holding that PAGA waivers are in fact invalid; Minimum Wage Increase (again); new pay data reporting requirements; the expansion of paid Sick Leave and CFRA rights expanded to include "Designated Persons" and (CFRA) to "Parent in Law"; new required bereavement leave; whether OSHA's new emergency reporting standards allow caregivers to walk off the job; protection for off-duty for marijuana use; increased restrictions on what can be kept confidential in settlement, severance, separation and non-disparagement agreements; and basic no-no's like: rounding, paying de minimus time; properly calculating the OT rate; litigation and rules for on-call staffers; transitioning piece (per visit) rate to hour; technology reimbursement; and all things PAGA.

Learning Objectives:
  • Understand how arbitration agreements relate to class actions and PAGA actions, and the pros and cons of arbitration in general;
  • Be ahead of the curve on new requirements and obligations;
  • Know what to do if you ever receive an employee concern, a request from an attorney, a wage claim, or other form of legal action.


Chris Alexander

Synergy Executive Education
Award-Winning Business-Building Strategist,
Best-Selling Author, and Professional Speaker

Because of Chris Alexander's books, powerful messages and engaging, humorous teaching gift, businesses throughout the world invite him to speak and coach their executives and business teams. Client companies such as: The Irvine Company, MBK Homes, ARB Structures, Interior Specialists, Inc., Freedom Village, CAHSAH, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Allergan, Nature's Bounty, Mercedes Benz, and Johnson & Johnson say that it is Alexander's real world business experience, examples and results that have struck a chord and won him rave reviews. He has advanced degrees in Organizational Behavior and is an expert at building organizational culture, executive coaching, high-performance teamwork and world-class customer service. He conducts Synergy retreats, custom designed coaching, workshops, and ongoing culture change programs.

Chris Alexander is an example of the American dream; he was born in a small country in the middle of Africa, then called Rhodesia and now re-named Zimbabwe. He emigrated from Africa to the USA 25 years ago and has since published seven books - "Catch the Wind with Your Wings", "Creating Extraordinary Joy", "Joy in the Workplace", "Synergizing Your Business", "Synergy Strategic Planning", "Synergy "WOW" Factor!" and "Synergy Team Power". He has also authored many extremely successful business CD's and DVD's to support his training programs. Recently, he was honored with the "People Helping People" Award. Along with a team of educational specialists, Alexander also won the prestigious Los Angeles Area Emmy Award for Overall Excellence in Business Education for the Coast Telecourse, Dollar$ and Sense: Personal Finance in the 21st Century. Alexander's largest audience has been his two PBS TV shows, titled "Creating Extraordinary Joy" and "Joy in the Workplace" reaching 4,500,000 people with each broadcast. Alexander's stories, anecdotes, international flavor and fresh feet-on-the-ground examples will "WOW" your audiences . . . and like so many Fortune 500 companies, you will want him to come back - again and again.

Elizabeth Murphy, Esq.

Murphy Employment Defense Specialists
Offices in Los Angeles and Dallas

Elizabeth (Liz) has practiced law for almost 30 years now, focusing on employment law, defense only (employer-side). Since 2003, Liz has worked primarily in the field of home care, skilled and unskilled, franchisee, franchisor and independent, including hospice in-home and facility work, RCFEs, all levels of facility care, hospitals, Regional Centers, DRAs, Nurse Registries, and virtually everything in-between. Liz first made Partner in 2003 and did not know how to "go get business" as ordered by her then-law firm. It was her mother, down to earth non-corporate type on Oregon, who suggested that the baby boomers were aging and really wanted to stay home, and maybe there was an opportunity in that area. Based on that advice, Liz called CAHSAH, spoke at the next annual conference, and the rest is history. This bit of personal info is mentioned in loving memory of Liz's mother who passed with joy and love in 2022.

Since that first conference, Liz has continued to work with every sort of home care operation, large and small, on trainings, policies, day-to-day situations, and litigation defense before every tribunal in the land. She also continues as a well-known speaker and educator of home care companies, lecturing about 10 times each year for various home care groups. Working from start to finish and all the way through post-employment litigation has allowed Liz to hone her skills and become one of the foremost home care defense lawyers in California. Murphy Employment Defense aims to become the first and only defense firm to offer home care services nationwide. Liz also represents employers in various other industries, such as warehousing, real estate, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, security, entertainment, and many others. Liz absolutely loves her work, her clients, and has a zealous passion for helping home care companies carefully wade the minefield that is California employment law.


Cancellations are subject to 20% handling fee. There will be NO REFUNDS issued for cancellations received within 10 business days prior to program. Cancellations must be in writing. Refunds will not be made for no-shows. However, substitutions will be allowed. Should CAHSAH® cancel the program, a full registration fee refund will be issued.


Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing (Provider #CEP17394) for seven and one half (7.5) contact hours of continuing education. You must be present for the entire workshop to earn Continuing Education Units. No partial credits can be given. Certificates are distributed at the close of the program.