Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) continues to release guidance and clarification to address this world-wide health pandemic. CMS sent a memorandum to State Survey Agencies (SAs), which clarifies the application of CMS policies in light of recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidance expanding the types of facemasks healthcare workers may use in situations involving COVID-19 and other respiratory infections. These are proactive steps to take as part of the White House Task Force's efforts to ensure a maximum supply of facemasks and respirators are available to enable healthcare providers to safely treat patients without exposing themselves or others to COVID-19.

CAHSAH will continue to update the federal and state resources as new information is released and encourages you to check your local city websites for any updates on local ordinances relative to COVID-19. Please refer to the resources listed below and direct any questions to CAHSAH's Legislative Specialist, Mary Adorno at or call (916) 641-5795 extension 124.

Federal Resources:

  • CDC Guidance on PPE Supply Usage here (last updated 4-7-20)
  • FDA Update on PPE Supply here (last updated 4-6-20)
  • US Department of Labor FAQs Family Leave Poster here (last updated 4-1-20)
  • CDC New Guidance on Decontamination of Face Respirators here (last updated 4-2-20)
  • CMS Guidance for home health here (last updated 3-10-20)
  • CMS Waivers here (last updated 4-1-20)
  • Assessing home patients and infection control for home health workers here (last updated 3-14-20)
  • CMS Relief from Medical Review here (last updated 3-31-20)
  • CMS Accelerated Provider Payments here (last updated 3-31-20)
  • CMS Transcript Recordings here (last updated 3-24-20)
  • CMS Granted California's 1135 Waiver here (updated 3-24-20)
  • CMS Guidance for Hospice here (last updated 3-9-20)
  • CMS Virtual Tool Kit for COVID-19 here (last updated 3-10-20)
  • CMS Nursing Home Restrictions here (last updated 3-15-20)
  • CMS Healthcare Provider Flexibilities here (last updated 3-10-20)
  • CDC New Guidance for PPE includes new recommendations on face masks, gowns, and airborne infection isolation rooms here (last updated 3-10-20)
  • CDC Strategies for optimizing PPE here (last updated 2-29-20)
  • CDC Workplace and Home Prevention here (last updated 3-10-20)
  • CMS reimbursement for COVID testing here (last updated 3-12-20)
  • CMS frequently asked questions on beneficiary coverage here (last updated 3-12-20)
  • CMS frequently asked questions specific to Medi-Cal beneficiaries here (last updated 3-18-20)
  • Inspector General COVID Fraud Alert here (last updated 3-23-20)
  • CMS Waiver for Quality Reporting here (last updated 3-23-20)
  • CMS Survey Guidance During COVID Outbreak here (last updated 3-20-20)

State Resources:

  • Department of Health Care Services Waivers for Medi-Cal Home and Community Based Providers here (last updated 4-6-20)
  • Department of Social Services Home Care Aide Organization Waivers here (last updated 4-2-20)
  • County Medical Health Officers Contact Information here (last updated 3-25-20)
  • State of California COVID-19 webpage here (last updated 3-10-20)
  • California's Stay Home Order here (last updated 3-19-20)
  • Department of Public Health's COVID-19 webpage here (last updated 3-10-20)
  • Department of Public Health's COVID Mitigation Playbook for Healthcare Providers here (last updated 3-23-20)
  • Department of Health Care Services Medi-Cal and Telehealth Guide here (last updated 3-23-20)
  • Screening and Testing Guides for COVID-19 here here and here (last updated 3-20-20)
  • Department of Social Services' Containment Strategy here (last updated 3-13-20)
  • Guidance for healthcare workers caring for residents in RCFEs here (last updated 3-13-20)
  • Department of Public Health Guidance on SNFs here (last updated 3-20-20)
  • Department of Public Health's Guidance for Removal of Deceased Bodies with COVID-19 here (last updated 3-16-20)
  • Chamber of Commerce Employer Resources here (last updated 3-10-20)
  • Jackson Lewis Law Firm Employer COVID-19 Resources here (last updated 3-10-20)
  • Department of Industrial Relations Employer FAQs here (last updated 3-24-20)
  • DHCS guidance for Medi-Cal beneficiaries for Emergency Stock of Pharmacy Items here (last updated 3-10-20)

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