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Finding the right Provider does not have to be difficult. The HOME CARE PROVIDER LOCATOR contains the most comprehensive database of more than 900 home care providers. Use this resource to find all the providers in any particular area of the state.
The fields noted will filter the organizations that best fit your home care needs. Any or all of the fields can be used. The City and County Served options will show organizations which will service those geographical areas.

From the list provided, select those of interest to obtain the detailed listing information for each agency.


  • CAHSAH's Guiding Core Purpose is to promote quality home care and enchance the effectiveness of our members
  • CAHSAH commits its resources to
    • Actively advocate to influence the direction of home care legislation and regulation
    • Provide relevant and practical educational programs to our members programs that meet the California State criteria for continuing education credits
    • Monitor and disseminate the most current, up-to-date information impacting the home care industry
    • Build home care community among our members
    • Create an environment to protect patients, their families and our members
    • Raise the standard of acceptable care and establishing best practices
    • Provide accessible home care tools to our members

    CAHSAH members subscribe to a Code of Ethics to govern the conduct of business by the association and its members. The standards set forth in the code serve as a statement to the general public and to governmental agencies that the association and its individual members stand for integrity and strive to maintain the highest ethical standards.

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