HCA Organization Certification

Home Care Aide Organization Certification Program

This program allows home care aide organizations, or components of home care organizations which provide home care aide services, to submit evidence that they meet CAHSAH's Certification Standards for Home Care Aide Organizations. Such requirements are in addition to those that went into effect as a result of the California Home Care Aide Organization licensure statute mandated by the enactment of AB1217 effective January 1, 2016.


  • Home care aide organization number(s) as provided by the Department of Social Services, Home Care Services Bureau.
    California Department of Public Health Home Health Agency or Hospice license number(s) AND a statement acknowledging that if you have a home care licensure exemption, your personal care services are provided under the same local business license as your home health agency or hospice.
  • Company policy for providing in-person supervision of all caregivers and a statement that you visit all your clients to assess quality at least annually.
  • Statement that indicates your organization interviews new caregiver applicants in-person prior to hiring them.
  • Copy of written grievance policy that specifies the way a client may file a grievance/complaint.
  • Company's template for the client's plan of care.
  • Company's written agreement with your clients that specifies fees are provided in writing.
  • Copy of declaration page from your workers' compensation policy to indicate that all your field staff are covered under workers' compensation classification code 8827.

Benefits of Certification:

  • Shows referral sources and clients that your agency not only meets the State licensure standards but also meets the additional CAHSAH requirements necessary for certification.
  • Demonstrates that caregivers have received additional training and that client safety assessment factors are in place.
  • Provides a competitive edge in the marketplace and improves the ability to secure new business.
  • Enhances staff recruitment and development. Certification can attract qualified personnel who prefer to serve in an organization which meets CAHSAH's Standards.
  • Agencies who receive certification are recognized as "CAHSAH Certified" next to their agency name on the HOME CARE PROVIDER LOCATOR.
  • Click here to view the Home Care Aide Organization Certification Procedures.

    Click here to download the CAHSAH Home Care Aide Organization Certification Application.

    You may submit the completed application along with required documents by mail to: CAHSAH Membership, 3780 Rosin Court, Suite 190, Sacramento, CA 95834

    Home Care Aide Organization Certification Logo
    The CAHSAH Home Care Aide Organization Certification Logo is available when you agree to the terms of the License Agreement.

    Please note that the Certification Program is a voluntary program. For further details contact the Membership Department at (916) 641-5795.

    CAHSAH encourages home care aide organizations or home care organization component's of large home care organizations to apply for certification.

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