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To demonstrate support of the home care industry and to validate affiliation with the statewide trade association, the CAHSAH Member Logo is available to Members Only to display on their website, stationary, and brochures.

CAHSAH Member Logo License Agreement

Email to request the logo license agreement.

While much of the agreement is legalese, please note the following:
Acceptance of the agreement creates a legally binding contract.
Membership must be maintained during the term of the agreement.

Permitted Use of Logo -
The sole permissible use by MEMBER of the Logo shall be to identify MEMBER as a member of CAHSAH and to provide a link on the MEMBER'S website to the CAHSAH website. MEMBER shall use the Logo only in association with the word "MEMBER" and shall not use the CAHSAH logo without the word "MEMBER" or such other form of identification as may be approved by CAHSAH for designating the membership relationship. MEMBER's use of the Logo shall at all times be expressly limited to displaying the Logo on MEMBER's website (which may include a hyperlink between the CAHSAH logo on the MEMBER'S website and the CAHSAH website), stationary, business cards or brochures (collectively, the "Licensed Use").

Written approval for Other Uses -
If MEMBER desires to use the Logo other than for the Licensed Use, it must submit an exact replica of the electronic or printed material illustrating the proposed use of the Logo (the "Materials") to CAHSAH for written approval prior to any use thereof, which approval may be granted or withheld in the sole and absolute discretion of CAHSAH. Notwithstanding CAHSAH's right to review Materials, MEMBER shall be solely responsible for the accuracy of information contained in such Materials.

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