Association Overview

The California Association for Health Services at Home (CAHSAH) is the leading statewide home care association in the nation.

CAHSAH represents more than 584 members and 1,031 offices that are direct providers of health and supportive services and products in the home.

Our provider members represent Medicare-certified home health agencies, licensed home health agencies, hospices, private duty organizations, home medical equipment providers, home infusion pharmacy providers and interdisciplinary professional services.

The affiliate members include computer companies, consulting firms, insurance providers, and suppliers.

CAHSAH's Mission

CAHSAH is dedicated to being the preeminent source of advocacy, education and information reflecting the full diversity of the home care industry.

Guiding Core Purpose:

To promote quality home care and enhance the effectiveness of our members

Core Values:

Members - CAHSAH provides leadership in home care to its members and superb and accessible resources and information.

Employees - CAHSAH provides purposeful work, fair wages, and sound practices for its employees.

Legislators - CAHSAH is the voice of home care and provides education about home care to our legislators and proactively advocates for home care issues.

Community - CAHSAH provides quality standards, guides ethical conduct, and promotes best practices for home care providers.

Partners - CAHSAH collaborates with, provides leadership to and is synergistic with, its partners.

Contributors - CAHSAH is a good steward and accountable for contributor resources.

Peers - CAHSAH provides leadership to its peer organizations.


CAHSAH will be the leader in shaping the future of home care as an essential component of the integrated health care delivery system.

Code of Ethics

The California Association for Health Services at Home was founded by members who encouraged the development and delivery of high quality, home care services throughout California. In continuing to meet this goal, the association membership seeks to establish and retain the highest possible level of public confidence. With this in mind, the Board of Directors has adopted this a Code of Ethics to govern the conduct of business by the association and its members. The standards set forth in the code serve as a statement to the general public and to governmental agencies that the association and its individual members stand for integrity and strive to maintain the highest ethical standards.

The Code of Ethics is intended to inform members and the general public of the acceptable guidelines of ethical conduct for home care agencies. It is a condition of participation in the association that members abide by the Code of Ethics.

The Code of Ethics is intended to serve as a foundation to our members in the following areas:

-Patients/clients Rights and Responsibilities -Relationships to other provider agencies
-Responsibility to CAHSAH
-Fiscal/operational responsibilities
-Marketing and public relations