Minimum Wage Requirements

SB 3 was the legislation that phased-in minimum wage increases to $15 by 2022. A copy of the law and committee analyses are here. Please be aware that there may be local ordinances that have adopted higher minimum wages than the state. Local ordinances for minimum wage are determined by the city where the care is provided not by where the agency is located.

Weekly Pay Requirements

On January 1, 2009, SB 940 became law and requires all businesses that provide temporary services, which includes home care aide organizations, home health agencies and hospice agencies pay wages weekly to all employees who provide home care services. This law applies to employees given temporary assignments, regardless of whether or not the employee is full time or part time. The law does NOT apply to contracted employees. All non-profits organizations and any employees that are on assignments of 90 days or more are exempt from the weekly pay requirements.

If an employer willfully fails to pay their temporary employees, under the new definition, then the wages of the employee shall continue as a penalty from the due date until paid. Additionally, a penalty of one hundred dollars will be assessed for each initial failure to pay, and two hundred dollars plus 25 percent of the amount withheld for each subsequent violation.

A copy of the law and the committee analyses are here.

Security Breach Requirements:

California has extensive legislation that mandates specific requirements for handling a security breach of an individual's personal information. These resources identify the specific legislation:

Side by Side comparison of laws, with notification and penalty provisions
SB 541 bill text
SB 1386 bill text

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