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CAHSAH Develops Certification Program

As part of its continuing efforts to add value to CAHSAH Membership for private duty organizations, CAHSAH has developed a draft of a Certification Program for Home Care Aide Organizations.

Based on recommendations of the Home Care Aide Organization and Licensed Home Health Agency Steering Committees, the CAHSAH Board of Directors reviewed a draft procedure and application for the Certification Program at their June 2, 2008 meeting.

The draft procedure and application require organizations to submit documentation that they meet CAHSAH's Minimum Standards for Home Care Aide Organizations. The Minimum Standards include the following:

  1. General and Professional Liability Insurance
  2. Worker's Compensation Insurance
  3. Pre- employment Background Clearance for Home Care Aides
  4. Employee Dishonesty Bond
  5. Pre-employment Tuberculosis Screening for each Home Care Aide
  6. Service Agreement including a specification of fees
  7. Supervision Policy

The Certification Program will be voluntary for CAHSAH members and included as part of membership with no additional fees. Organizations which are not members of CAHSAH will be eligible for certification but will be required to pay a fee.

The draft Certification Program was sent to all CAHSAH members for review and comment on June 10. The comment period expires on June 25. A subcommittee of the CAHSAH Board of Directors will review all comments and make final changes to the procedure and application. It is expected that the program will be initiated on or about July 1, 2008.

Board Votes Not to Include Domestic Referral Agencies in Licensing Legislation

At its meeting on October 3, 2007, the CAHSAH Board of Directors voted unanimously not to include Domestic Referral Agencies (DRAs) in proposed legislation to license home care aide organization services. The Board received recommendations not to include DRAs from its Minimum Standards Task Force and also from the Home Care Aide Organization/Licensed Home Health Agency Steering Committees.

The Board also adopted a motion to obtain further information from the Department of Social Services on how they would enforce the provisions of the proposed legislation and the projected licensing fee. In addition, the Board requested further information is obtained from organized labor and potential authors on their support for such a bill. The Board charged the Minimum Standards Task Force with processing this information and making a recommendation to the Board prior to its next meeting on December 12, 2007 whether or not to proceed with such legislation.

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