New OASIS Q&As (April 2010) Now Available

The Quarterly release of new OASIS Q&As is now available for free download by clicking here. The new Q&As provide critical data collection guidance which includes the following topics:

  • Pain process measure
  • Wound measurement and healing status
  • Heart failure process measure
  • Fall risk assessment selection and protocols
  • Types and sources of assistance
  • Plan of care & intervention synopsis items

1st Quarter 2009 CMS OCCB Q&A's (April 2009) Released

The Quarterly release of new OASIS Q&As is now available for free download from the OCCB and/or OASIS Answers, Inc.

New clarifications include:

    -Timing of first visit and comprehensive assessment at ROC

    -Discharge to in-home hospice

    -Blood filled blister and pressure ulcer reporting

    -Reporting of emergent care reasons when multiple emergent care events occur.

If you are interested in scheduling OASIS training and testing, please contact Linda Krulush.

New OASIS Forms Released for Dec 27 & Jan 1 Start Dates

On October 3, 2007, CAHSAH spoke with State Automation Coordinator, David Brazill, to get an update on the implementation of the new OASIS B-1 Data Set changes. The information from CMS is that the PPS refinement and the bulk of OASIS B-1 Data Set changes go into effect on Jan. 1, 2008 with the exception of 2 Reason for Assessments (RFAs) that are effective December 27, 2007. Therefore, the new version will support changes to be effective December 27, 2007 for Follow-up OASIS, including RFA 04 (Recertification follow-up) reassessment and 05 (Other Follow-up) and January 1, 2008 for RFA 01 (Start of care further visits planned, 03 (Resumption of care (after inpatient stay), 06 (Transferred to an inpatient facility patient not discharged from agency, 07 (Transferred to an inpatient facility patient discharged from agency, 08 (Death at home) and 09 (Discharge from an agency). Please refer to http://www.cms.hhs.gov/oasis. The State has been informed by CMS that the new Haven software will be available mid-December 2007. An updated version of the New Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS B-1) 1/2008 that shows the items to be used at specific time points is located here.The new OASIS-B1 1/2008 data set forms must be used for follow up assessments (RFA 4&5) starting December 27, 2007 and all other assessment time points by January 1, 2008. The OASIS-B1 12/2002 forms can not be used with addendums or any other modification in place of the required OASIS-B1 1/2008 data set forms. The new data set changes will be reflected in the new set of forms that are to be posted at the bottom of the CMS page at http://www.cms.hhs.gov/oasis under the Download section.

OASIS Questions You Need Answered?

Got questions about OASIS and how to report certain conflicts (like Medi-Cal/Medicare duplication of services)? You can contact OASIS directly and receive answers to your specific question. Email your questions to mdsoasis@dhs.ca.gov . In the subject line, remember to write OASIS in order to differentiate between questions concerning MDS (an assessment tool used by nursing homes) and those concerning home health agencies. David Brazill is the Education Coordinator and Virginia Gray is the Automation Coordinator; both will be available to answer your questions. E-mailed submissions to the address above are preferred. You can also fax your questions to: (916) 552-8965 or call at (916) 324-2362.

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