Political Action Committee

What is the PAC?

The CAHSAH Political Action Committee (PAC) is a voluntary, non-profit, bipartisan political action committee that makes contributions to candidates and the re-election campaigns of legislators who understand the importance of home care and hospice services, and support the goals and objectives of CAHSAH and its members.

The Role of CASHAH-PAC

CAHSAH-PAC exists to elect, educate and build rapport with elected leaders and officials who understand the important role home care and hospice play in our state. CAHSAH-PAC solicits contributions from CAHSAH members and concerned individuals across the state and distributes those funds to officeholders and candidates that support home care, home infusion pharmacies, home medical equipment, interdisciplinary professional services, and hospice services issues. The program relies on effective communication and coordination between CAHSAH staff, the Regional Councils and CAHSAH members.

Why is it important that you give to CAHSAH-PAC?

You are helping to assure a strong voice for home care and hospice in the places where decisions are being made that impact the delivery of home care to fragile populations. These decisions, made every day in the California Legislature, will affect our ability to fulfill our mission into the future. CAHSAH-PAC helps to ensure that the elected officials making these important decisions understand the fundamental roles home care, home infusion pharmacies, home medical equipment, interdisciplinary professional services, and hospice services play in the future of health care.

PAC membership status is determined by making a voluntary monetary contribution. As essential to CAHSAH's grassroots program as member participation, the CAHSAH-PAC helps forge meaningful relationships with legislators and policy makers throughout the state.

Who Can Donate to the PAC?

Individuals and /or business entities may contribute to the PAC; employees of 501(c)(3) organizations may contribute; but 501(c)(3) organizations may not contribute to the PAC without jeopardizing their non-profit, tax exempt status. If you are a non-profit organization, you are not allowed to contribute to the CAHSAH-PAC, but can contribute to the Legislative Action Fund (LAF). The LAF helps to ensure home care representation at legislative and political events which are not related to election campaigns; it also helps to fund the development of fact sheets on state legislation, and other useful legislative educational materials.

If your organization would like ensure that making donations to the PAC will not jeopardize your non-profit status or if you have other questions related to exempt organizations, please call this IRS phone number: 1-877-829-5500. You will need to provide your Employer Identification Number (EIN) to check your exempt status. Select Exempt Organizations to see if your organization may make contributions to State Political Campaigns. Here are some additional resources that may be of assistance: Form 557: Tax Exempt Status for your Organization, see pages 60-61 and Form 526: Charitable Contributions

What are the Levels of Contribution?

While all contributions, in any amount, help CAHSAH achieve its legislative and policy goals on behalf of members, there are recommended contribution levels (see below). All contributors to the LAF and PAC will be recognized annually in the CAHSAH Bulletin and at CAHSAH's Annual Conference & Home Care Expo.

Ways to Contribute to the PAC

Every successful trade association has a successful PAC that annually raises thousands of dollars each year. Most contributions are made when members renew their dues. Individuals providing home care services not just the organizations can also contribute to the CAHSAH PAC.

How to contribute:

  1. Contribute through your Annual Renewal of Membership (recommendation is 10% of dues) for organizations.
  2. Contribute any time PAC Contribution Form
  3. Make an individual contribution: CAHSAH recommends the following contributions for an organization's individual employees:
    • CAHSAH Board Members: $200 annually
    • CAHSAH Committee Chair: $100 annually
    • CAHSAH Committee Members: $80 annually
    • CASHAH Member Individuals: $50 annually
  4. Attend and sponsor CAHSAH's Annual PAC event which is held each year during our Annual Conference and Home Care Expo. Information about the PAC Event can be found here

What information should I include when I give money to CAHSAH-PAC?

When giving donations to CAHSAH-PAC, always include your name, phone number, address, city, state, zip, employer and occupation. This information is required by law for reporting statements filed by CAHSAH. If you have additional questions, contact Mary Adorno at (916) 641-5795 ext: 124 or via email madorno@cahsah.org

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