State Issues


CAHSAH has a strong state advocacy program which includes monitoring and tracking all state legislation that impacts our diverse home care provider membership. All bills that are identified as impacting our industry are tracked through the entire legislative process which is a two year cycle.

Members are encouraged to participate in our advocacy efforts by attending our annual lobby day in Sacramento and responding to our action alerts on key legislative and regulatory issues.

You may locate your state legislators and their contact information by entering your home address here

Legislative Resources

Action Alerts Action Alerts provide members with details on each priority bill, background, arguments in support or opposition to the bill depending on CAHSAH's position, talking points, CAHSAH's position letter to the Legislature and contact information for each legislator of the committee that is hearing the bill. Members are encouraged to respond to all Action Alerts within the time frame specified in the alert.

New Laws Effective 2020 As bills become chaptered into law throughout the legislative year, members can check this report for industry specific bills that have been enacted into law. The bill number is a link to the complete text of the law.

All CAHSAH Tracked Bills - As of Today This report provides a complete list of all bills tracked by CAHSAH during the two year legislative session. The bill number is a link to the text of the bill.

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